Md. Sobuz Hossain




Mr. Sobuz Hossain, a Senior Associate at SA Legal Counsel, holds a distinguished academic background with a BBA and MBA from the Affiliated University of Dhaka, currently pursuing a CMA degree from ICMAB. With a rich professional history, 8.7 years of experience as an income tax practitioner at Talukder and Associates, Sobuz transitioned to SA Legal Counsel on March 1, 2023. In his role as a Tax Advisor, he excels in the meticulous preparation of company Accounts and Audit Reports. Additionally, he adeptly manages diverse aspects of regulatory compliance, encompassing RJSC, BIDA, CCI&E, VAT, FDI reports, along with comprehensive documentation and various banking activities. His multifaceted expertise reflects a career marked by financial acumen and regulatory proficiency.